Level 5/7 Tutor & Specialist Assessor

I began my career as a primary school teacher who worked with looked after children. Many of these children struggled to access education for various reasons but one of them being due to dyslexia. I was the first to admit that despite close family members having dyslexia I did not know much about it. It was from here that I decided to study to become a dyslexia specialist teacher. However, my original specialist from my teaching degree was maths and I was interested in why some learners could not understand the concept of number which led to me training to be a dyscalculia specialist teacher.

I am a Managing Director of a company that I started in 2016 which provides dyslexia and dyscalculia assessments to children and adults. I also provide training to schools, colleges and universities on both dyslexia and dyscalculia. In addition, I provide one-one and small group tuition to adults and children with dyslexia and dyscalculia.

I previously worked at the British Dyslexia Association on their Level 5 Dyscalculia programme where I co-wrote the current Level 5 dyscalculia programme alongside my colleagues and supported students through their level 5 studies. I currently work as an associate trainer at the British Dyslexia Association.

I currently work at Edge Hill University as an associate tutor. My role involves teaching, marking, and supporting students as they study towards their Level 7 qualifications. I also currently work as an associate marker on the Dyslexia MA at University College London.
At Dyslexia Herts, I work as part of a team of tutors. Each student is allocated a tutor who is there to support them through their studies. I provide tutorial support to the students that I am working with, and I also mark the work that my students submit. I am always available at the end of an email and work flexibly around my students to meet with them at mutually convenient times.

The thing I enjoy most about my work is that my days are never the same! I have the opportunity to meet lots of wonderful people every single day and I am always being asked to do something different; sometimes challenging but always enjoyable. I work all over the country. My work is really flexible, and I can often work from anywhere in the world, which makes travelling easy.

My biggest enjoyment is gardening, and I can often be found in my vegetable patch at the weekends and evenings. I have two dogs who love travelling with me around the country in my campervan at half term. I am very outdoorsy and love hiking, cycling and kayaking. I live on a non-working farm, I have two horses, a bunch of hens and three pygmy goats…. and a cat who is harder work than all my other pets put together!