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Jane Opie worked as the interim Learning Support Manager at our College  for over a year; she had a significant impact during her time at the college as she repositioned the department and put in place totally new structures, policies and procedures. Jane reviewed the whole learner journey for learners with learning difficulties and disabilities and used this to drive the operational changes.
During her time at the college Jane oversaw significant improvements to the department that led to a much better learner experience and increased satisfaction levels. Jane was able to affect and manage rapid change and quality improvement during her time with us all with a calm and approachable attitude.
Jane was a positive, diligent and confident colleague, I would have no hesitation in engaging Jane’s services again.

Angela F, Vice Principal

Excellent trainer

Zoe T, Dyslexia Aware course

I have a greater understanding of what dyslexia means and will use this to support my daughter.

Chris E, Dyslexia Aware

Great course!  It has made me think about working in a dyslexia friendly way all the time.

Louise B, Supporting Learners with Dyslexia Course

I have a much better understanding of how dyslexia may affect my colleagues and learned strategies to support them.

Sandra R, Neurodiversity course

All managers should attend this training it has been very useful indeed.

Lisa R, Neurodiversity course

Jane joined our college to review the quality & structure of our supported learning. She brought a findings report to CLG within 2 weeks which was clear, focused and to the point.
Jane got on well with the teams and helped them to identify key areas for improvement. We now have a structure that has clear accountability and joined up thinking and Jane’s contributions and subject knowledge helped us achieve that.
I would have no hesitation in contacting Jane for help again she was a pleasure to work with.

Katrina M Deputy Principal, Curriculum and Performance

Everything was useful!  I appreciate having the course booklet for future reference

Rachel D, Dyslexia Aware course

Jane is a highly talented expert within the field of Inclusive Learning. She has the ability to couple a very sound and pragmatic approach with the strategic needs of this area of work. She has excellent people management skills, remains calm and professional at all times in whatever aspect of her work she is focussing upon and commands the respect of everyone she works with at all levels within an organisation. Jane stands out as one of the most outstanding consultants I have ever worked with.

Karen E, Director of Human resources

What could have been improved? The sessions could have been longer. I want to know much more!

Daniel R, Supporting Learners with Dyslexia Course

Very thought provoking- everyone should do this course.

Tom B, Neurodiversity Course

I will think (really think) about how I communicate with my team.

Helen S, Neurodiversity Course